Hanukkah Gift Ideas For Children

This Hanukkah, take some time in considering the gifts that you select for your children or grandchildren.  While it is an obvious choice to select something that is fun and popular, this year consider some of these new and exciting Hanukkah gift ideas for children at TraditionsJewishGifts.com.

These gifts offer hours of fun while using and improving their fine motor skills, enhance visual perception, develop speech & language skills, and reinforce focus, attention, and processing speed.  Trust me, they will never know that these toys are also educational!

Hanukkah Gift Ideas #1

Hanukkah Gift Ideas
Spot It! Shalom Is Recommended For Ages 7 To Adult And For 2 To 8 Players. This Award Winning Game Is Well Known As An Educational Tool That Helps Children With The Following Skills: Visual Perception, Speech & Language, Focus & Attention, And Processing Speed.

Hanukkah Gift Ideas #2

Hanukkah Gift Ideas
Colorful And Easy To Use, This Building Block Child’s Menorah Not Only Teaches About The Hanukkah Tradition, It Allows For A Full Range Of Creative Play. The Brightly Colored Pieces Offer Easily Interlocking Combinations For Hours Of Patterning Practice And Builds Fine Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination And How To Think In Three Dimensions. Recommended For Children 6 And Older.

Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Hanukkah Gift Ideas #3

Hanukkah Gift Ideas
This DIY Hanukkah Menorah Kit Is A Great Gift For The Entire Family! This Kit Has Everything You Need To Build Your Own Menorah. Once This Family Project Is Complete, You Can Light This Menorah With The Same Hands That Built It. This Kit Includes 40+ Steel Parts And Assembly Instructions. A Phillips Head Screwdriver Is Needed For Assembly (Not Included). For Ages 8 And Older With Adult Supervision Recommended.

Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Hanukkah Gift Ideas #4

Hanukkah Gift Ideas
This Fun And Colorful Craft Set Consists Of Foam Mosaic Squares Which Attach To A Cute And Playful Hanukkah Graphic To Stick Them On. Challenge Their Little Fingers To Match The Colors To The Correct Squares. Recommended For Ages For Ages 3 And Up.

Hanukkah Gift Ideas #5

Hanukkah Gift Ideas
The Chanukah Memory Game Is Fun For Kids Of All Ages, No Reading Required. Match The Most Cards And Win! Ideal For 1-6 Players, Ages 3+, Includes 72 Cards. Enhancing Memory Skills At A Young Age Is Very Important.

I invite you to visit our Hanukkah Gift Store at Traditions to find a wide selection of fun and educational Jewish gifts for your children’s Hanukkah!


Also, be sure to checkout our new 2015 Hanukkah Gift Catalog!

Hanukkah Gift Ideas


Gary Rosenthal: Shaping metal into beautiful Judaic art

Gary Rosenthal is one of those rare people who can look at a lump of cold metal and envision something exquisite. He takes ordinary copper, brass and steel,melts it, combines it with fused glass and magically transforms it into stunning Judaic art. Gary’s collection is always in demand with our customers at Traditions Jewish Gifts because it’s perfectly functional and yet beautiful enough to enhance a home’s décor.

I met Gary in 1994 and know that he discovered his natural talent for metalworking by serendipity.  He dropped out of Cornell University after his sophomore year and went to work in his father’s appliance repair business. That’s where he learned about welding and how he could create amazing art by shaping molten metals.

Gary started out in the mid-1970s making and selling large decorative wall pieces. Soon he added a series of small figurines depicting hobbyists such as dancers and scuba divers. When he featured these items at an art show in Baltimore, a customer admired them and asked if he could make a menorah in a similar style. When Gary agreed, he opened the door to amazing artistic opportunities.

You see, back then, contemporary Judaica did not exist. So people who wanted modern-styled Jewish art simply couldn’t find it. Turns out that Gary’s work was exactly what they were looking for.

Gary always shows great intuition in knowing what people will like and use for major Jewish holidays and life events. For weddings, for example, the bride-to-be might choose a special mezuzah from the Gary Rosenthal Collection, and insert a personal note to her bridesmaids or small gift for her guests. His other mezuzahs are absolutely lovely for displaying glass shards from the marriage ceremony.

I especially like Gary’s Heartholders group. It features memorable gifts such as picture frames and bookends that allow recipients to complete a gift by making their own additions – everything from photos to glass shards and other small mementos. Many of these items can also be inscribed with names, dates and special text.

To see Gary’s work, check out Traditions Jewish Gifts’ online catalog.  I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. And if you’re looking for a great gift, don’t miss our limited-time discount on Gary’s collection. Simply go to our home page or the Gary Rosenthal page of our website for details.

Hanukkah Gifts On A Budget

Hanukkah is just a few weeks away. Have you started your shopping? Finding the perfect gifts for family and friends in your price range often poses a challenge. Traditions Jewish Gifts can alleviate your worries with our large variety of discounted Hanukkah gifts. With just a few clicks of the mouse, get all of your Hanukkah gifts delivered right to your front door!

The Dreidel Salt & Pepper Shakers is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen. These shakers are hand painted and shaped like dreidels. Each shaker is 3″ tall. The set is very affordable at just $11.99 plus shipping.

Do you have a loved one who is in the market for a new menorah? The Heart Hanukkah Menorah is made of aluminum and features a sweet heart in the center with a Jewish star above. This menorah stands 8.5″ tall, and the base has a beaded design. A great addition to any living or dining room wall unit, this menorah is reasonabily priced at just $17.95 plus shipping.

These are just a few Hanukkah Gift Ideas from Traditions Jewish Gifts for the budget-conscious shopper. Regardless of which gift you choose, it’s sure to make the Festival of Lights a memorable holiday. Happy Hanukkah to all!salt pepper

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Debbie McIntyre Character Dolls

Debbie McIntyre’s Character Dolls are one-of-a-kind, unique creations. Each character is hand sculpted individually from a polymer clay and each of the costumes are hand sewn.  These dolls have faces that look so natural that you will do a double-take when you see them. If you have a collector in the family, a Debbie McIntyre doll is a great gift to give during Hanukkah. Each doll you purchase from Traditions Jewish Gifts comes with a certificate of authenticity to verify its uniqueness.

If you or someone close to you loves bagels then the Bagel Vendor is a perfect choice! It paints the picture of standing on the lower east side early in the morning getting that hot bagel on the way to work. The doll is all hand crafted and each detail is carefully done to recreate the good old days. This sculpture is almost 17 inches tall and would look great in a living room or family room.

Are you a music and theater fanatic? The realistic Fiddler Doll is a one of a kind creation by Debbie McIntyre. You can almost hear the music from it. The doll will bring you back to the good old days and watching the play Fiddler On The Roof. Each of these character dolls made are signed originals. Fiddler Doll

Sculpture dolls bring so  much joy, entertainment and conversation to any household. They most certainly would make anyone smile during the Festival of Lights!  Happy Chanukah.

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Collectible Hanukkah Dreidels

Collectible Hanukkah Dreidels are great Judaica gifts. They are beautiful to look at and can be used as great ornaments in wall units or end tables year round.  Traditions Jewish Gifts highly recommends collectible Hanukkah dreidels as a great gift idea for Hanukkah and has a large variety to choose from for anyone’s taste and style.

The Faces Ceramic Dreidel has a modern feel to it. Its artistic painted design features abstract faces and each side has one of the 4 Hebrew letters accustomed to all dreidels. This dreidel is 2″ square x 4.5″ tall and the stand is included.

The Antique Bronze Star of David Dreidel is for someone who prefers more traditional collectable dreidels. This disc shaped dreidel has an antique bronze finish with a raised Star Of David design. This dreidel measures 1.85″ round x 1.75″ high.

Are you looking for a more elegant collectable dreidel? The Delightful Clear Crystal Dreidel has genuine blue swarovski crystals creating the Hebrew letters. This dreidel comes with a matching crystal stand making this a perfect dreidel to display. This dreidel is 3″ tall. Crystal Draydel

Remember these dreidels are great collectibles and decoration pieces for a home. They shouldn’t be used to spin and play with. For those types of dreidels, visit our Toy Hanukkah Dreidel section. From everyone at Traditions Jewish Gifts, have a great Hanukkah!

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Hanukkah Toys & Games For Kids

Hanukkah is the exciting time of the year to exchange gifts with friends and family.  Besides a child’s birthday, the 8 nights of Hanukkah is the most exciting time of year for young Jewish children.  Most Jewish boys and girls get a new present each night during Hanukkah.

You no longer need to wait in long lines in the stores and go out in cold weather to get your Hanukkah gifts.  TraditionsJewishGifts.com makes Hanukkah shopping a breeze. You shop, you click your items, you checkout and your gifts come right to your door!   Here are a few recommendations on great Hanukkah toys and games for kids.

The Hanukkah Coloring and Activity Book Set features a set of four assorted Chanukah coloring and activity books.  This set of coloring books are wonderful for children to play and learn with during the Festival of Lights.

The Ultimate Hanukkah Craft Collection lets children (ages 4 and up) show their crafty side with a fun Chanukah activity set. The Sand Art Kit includes 2 self-adhesive sand art cards and 6 bags of colored sand. The Chanukah Sun Catcher Kit includes 2 sun catchers, (a menorah and dreidel), 2 suction cups to display their work, 6 different colored paints; and a paint brush. The Chanukah Foam Mosaic Kit includes 2 mosaic template cards; a menorah; a dreidel; and 5 different colors of adhesive foam mosaic tile.

The Plush Hanukkah Set features great toys for a young child. This 14 piece set includes a plush menorah, 9 candles, a gelt pouch with two coins and a plush dreidel. All items fit nicely inside of it’s own vinyl case. This is a great Chanukah gift for a child to be able to act out their own Chanukah celebration. Plush Set

The Hanukkah gift ideas don’t end here.  For a full list of great Hanukkah gift ideas for kids, visit TraditionsJewishGifts.com and check out the Hanukkah Children’s Gift Buying Guide!

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Looking for way to save money on Hanukkah gifts?  From now through November 30, 2011, visit the Traditions Jewish Gifts Facebook page and to get exclusive discounts on Jewish gifts.  Look out for the daily “Deal Of The Day” Hanukkah gift that Traditions Jewish Gifts posts each day.  Each “daily deal” gift is available until November 30th 2011 for 25% off the regular price.  Getting all your Hanukkah gift shopping done early is now made easy and you can save money at the same time!  There has already been some great gift giving ideas including:

For a complete list of all the Jewish gifts on the Traditions Jewish Gifts Deal of the Day promotion, check out Traditions Jewish Gifts Deal of the Day. Everyday from now through November 30th, one new gift will appear on our Facebook page.  So if there is something that doesn’t pique your interest today, check back tomorrow! Each “Deal of The Day” Gift will have a promo code with it when posted.  Use that promo code at checkout from TraditionsJewishGifts.com to get the discount. Peace Sign Menorah

Traditions Jewish Gifts is dedicated to bringing consumers the best deals on Jewish gifts for Hanukkah. TraditionsJewishGifts.com carries the widest selection of traditional Judaica items, such as menorahs, Hanukkah candles, placemats, decorations, tableware, dreidels and more.

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Melamine Dinnerware Will Compliment Your Hanukkah Table

Hanukkah isn’t just about lighting candles and exchanging gifts.  It is also about sharing the great meal that includes potato latkes and other great traditional Hanukkah cuisine! There is nothing better to compliment your Hanukkah party than with melamine dinnerware. They are colorful and will make a great splash at your event. Traditions Jewish Gifts has a large selection of great melamine dinnerware that will make your Hanukkah festivities very memorable.

Getting back to those delicious latkes, they will make a huge hit if served on a colorful Hanukkah Melamine Plate. This round plate is 12″ in diameter with a raised center, perfect for apple sauce or sour cream.

The Melamine Bowl is another great serving item in your collection of Hanukkah dishes. It doubles as a mixing bowl or a serving dish. It measures 5.7″ square x 2.50″ high and a kugel would look great in it!

The Melamine Dreidel Dish offers something a little different with it’s unique shape.  It would be great for serving sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts). This serving dish measures 5.75″ x 1.5″. Dreidel Dish

Remember most Melamine dinnerware is not suitable for microwave use. Dishwasher safe-top rack only.

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Jewish Homes Need Accessories!

A person’s home best represents their tastes and styles.  It is decorated with the person or person’s colors, themes and everything else that makes it their own! But sometimes people need help in deciding what type of accessories they want to include in their home.  That’s where Traditions Jewish Gifts comes in!  Here are some suggestions that will make any Jewish home look a lot better.

The Hebrew Clock by Jillery features a satin finish with a scroll design and Hebrew numbers. It is available in 11 different color options including metallic and gold and would compliment any living room end table!

Staying in the living room, a great addition to any wall unit is the handcrafted Book Ends By Gary Rosenthal. These book ends feature images of Jerusalem and contain in Hebrew and English “Next Year In Jerusalem”. With these book ends, you are able to engrave a personalized brass plaque affixed below the image. Plus, for a limited time, all Gary Rosenthal art is 10% off! Enter coupon code Gary10 at checkout!  vase

For the kitchen or dining room, The Woman Of Valor Vase makes for a perfect centerpiece!  The ceramic vase features a Biblical inspired poem honoring a woman in gratitude, praise & appreciation and shows an expression of admiration and celebration of all women. The vase is 8 1/2″ x 7 1/4″ x 3 3/4″.

Jewish Home accessories make great Hanukkah gifts for friends and family and Traditions Jewish Gifts makes shopping easy online! Just browse, click and checkout at TraditionsJewishGifts.com!

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