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The Religious Items Department at sells many of the Jewish ritual objects used in a Jewish home, including Jewish candles, Jewish prayer shawls, Shabbat candles, challah plates and challah trays.

We have plenty of items that make for great Jewish religious gifts, like Kiddush cups, Shabbat candlesticks and candelabras, challah boards, challah trays, challah knives, havdalah items, yarmulkes, talism, tzedakah boxes, yads, fountain sets and more.

Some of the more popular items are: Jewish Candles: Candles play an important role in Judaism. Some are merely decorative but still make great Jewish religious gifts. Chanukah, the festival of lights, is commemorated by the lighting of the eight Jewish candles on the menorah with the ninth candle — the assistant. The havdalah candle is braided, usually about a foot long used at the end of Shabbat.

Jewish candlesticks: Going hand-in-hand with the importance of Jewish candles are candlesticks. Menorah's hold nine candles, eight to commemorate the days the original oil lasted and one helper candle used to light those eight. There are also special candlesticks used in the Shabbat. Jewish candlesticks make great Jewish wedding gifts.

Jewish prayer shawls: Tallits, or Talis, are worn during morning prayers, Saturday services and on holy days. Jewish prayer shawls are among some of the Jewish religious items that make great gifts, particularly for bar mitzvahs. offers many different styles of Talis.

Challah trays: A loaf of challah is one of the signature Jewish foods at Shabbat and holidays. Loaves of challah can be brought to the table and served on challah trays made of silver or ceramics. Traditions Jewish Gifts offers many different kinds of challah trays.

Challah plates: Many Jewish hostesses like to set the table with challah plates. Often these challah plates have Jewish religious symbols on them.

Traditions Jewish Gifts is the place to go to for all the necessary Jewish religious items to celebrate Jewish traditions. Whether looking for shabbat candles, challah trays or Jewish prayer shawls, this is the place to find all the Jewish items you need.

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