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One of the most celebrated Jewish holidays, Passover is a festival that commemorates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. When people think of the spring ceremony, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the Seder ritual and the eating of the matzoh, or unleavened bread. Passover, or Pesach, lasts eight days. During Passover, Jewish revelers avoid chametz, or leaven bread. Because the Jews fled Egypt in such a hurry, they didn't have the opportunity to let their bread rise. Avoiding leaven is also symbolic of removing "puffiness" or arrogance from the soul.

Observing the rituals is only part of hosting an unforgettable Seder. It's important that you have all the right accessories for the religious celebration. Passover Seder plates or Pesach plates are among the most popular items this time of year. At the Seder, six symbolic foods are arranged on Passover Seder Plates. Each of the foods is a significant part of the story of the exodus from Egypt. The Seder Plate items on Passover Seder plates include maror and chazeret, bitter vegetable, karpas, shankbone and hard boiled egg.

A traditional Passover Seder plate has a space assigned for each of the Seder Plate items. We recognize that everyone has different tastes when it comes to selecting just the right Pesach plates, which is why we offer the widest selection of Seder plate items, including Seder plates and Seder sets for Passover. At Traditions Jewish Gifts, there are Pesach plates for every preference and every budget.

Our wide assortment of Jewish Seder plates and Passover plates includes the metal Seder plate, ceramic Seder plate, wood Seder plate, glass Seder plate, metal Seder plate and much more. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for Pesach plates for $20 or $200—there is something to fit your bill. Visit Traditions Jewish Gifts today to bring something beautiful to the Passover table.

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