Passover Seder Plates

What Foods Go On Passover Seder Plates? What Do The Seder Foods Represent?

The Six Foods That Are Placed On A Passover Seder Plate Each Have A Special Significance To The Retelling Of The Passover Story Of The Exodus From Egypt.
Zeroah: A Roasted Shank Bone Represents The Pesach Sacrifice, Which Was A Lamb That Was Offered In The Temple In Jerusalem.
Beitzah: A Roasted Hard-Boiled Egg Represents The Festival Offering Which Was Brought To The Temple In Jerusalem.
Maror: Horseradish Root Is A Bitter Herb Which Symbolizes The Bitterness And Harshness Of The Slavery The Hebrews Endured In Egypt.
Charoset: A Sweet Mixture Of Apples, Walnuts And Sweet Red Wine Are Ground Up Together Representing The Mortar Used By The Hebrew Slaves To Build The Houses Or Pyramids In Egypt .
Karpas: Parsley Is Usually Used To Dip Into Salt Water. The Dipping Of A Vegetable Into Salt Water Represents The Tears Shed By The Hebrew Slaves In Egypt.
Chazeret: A Piece Of Romaine Lettuce Is Used As The Second Bitter Herb Used During The Seder, Symbolizing The Bitterness And Harshness Of The Slavery The Hebrews Endured In Egypt.

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